Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jaxon's Test Results

I promise I will get to recipes soon but I thought I would include some more background info on Jaxon.  If you have ever had your child tested for allergies, they have a scale for the level of antibodies they find in their blood. Or in their words, "The ImmunoCAP specific IgE flouroenzyme immunoassay is a semi-quantitative assay for the measurement of allergen specific IgE in serum. The immediate (atopic and anaphylactic) allergic reaction is a function of serum antibodies belonging to the IgE class of immunoglobins."   Big words, I know. The scale goes from 0-6 and scores 2-6 indicate increasing levels of antibody.   Jaxon's results were as follows:


Egg white: 5

Milk: 4

Wheat: 2

Peanut: 2

Soybean: 3

Almond: 3

Casein: 3

Gluten: 2


I thought I would share his results because I was always curious what other kids’ levels were and what reactions they had compared to their IgE number.  Such as a child with anaphylaxis, what is their number? My allergist told me they usually are concerned with anything above a three.  Like I said earlier, we've never had to use Jaxon's EpiPen but he has never had milk or eggs, I guess you could say, in their actual raw form. When milk would touch his skin though, he would get hives where it touched. I don't know what would have happened if he were to actually drink it.  He has also been fine when I have given him foods with the label “produced in the same facility as milk, eggs, etc.”  Every child is different though so even if your child has the same IgE number, their reaction may be completely different.  I was just always curious so I could maybe gage what kind of reaction would be possible with Jaxon.  I tested almond butter and almond milk on his skin and he never got any hives.   I still haven’t tried any tree nut products yet so I don’t know what kind of reaction, if any, he would have.  The allergist did a skin test though with all the different tree nuts and he got hives with all of them.  At least he can have peanut butter though!  Soy seems to be more of a intolerance than allergy but we have continued to avoid that as well.   He is two now though and I think his levels are dropping. I frequently test his skin with milk and the hives are not as severe. He recently got a hold of a cookie that was not for him (it had butter and eggs!) and the result was just a very messy diaper that dad had to clean up!  (Mom happened to be gone, poor Dad haha). I am going to take him in here soon to have him tested again.  If his levels have dropped, then maybe I will start with some experimentation and slowly introducing his forbidden foods.  Just thinking about that makes me nervous!  I guess you have to try at some point right?

This was after Jaxon's skin test.  It was maybe 30 mins after the test and they had wiped down his skin already so the hives had started to go down

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